secured to the back of your cell phone -  adhered to a wall to take photo -  cover open to sit on a desk -  a camera timer app

Stk N Snap - Restickable Adhesive Case

Stk N Snap

Stk N Snap is a case with adhesive tape  that attaches to the back of your cell phone.  Inside the case are restickable adhesive pads.  The cover  opens and the phone is pressed onto a wall, window or almost any vertical surface.  The surface can be rough or irregular but you should tug on it to be sure it is secure before letting go.  The Stk N Snap App is then set to control the camera for photos or video.  It can also be used for reading recipies, watching movies, video chatting, scrolling through photos, using social media, or conference calling without holding the phone.

Stk N Snap also works by placing a cell phone on a desk or other horizontal surface.  The cover is open part way to act like a stand.  It is ideal for video chatting, watching videos or reading while on a computer or working. 

Stk N Snap App - Cell Phone Camera Timer

  Stk N Snap APP controls your camera.  It allows you to step back and get in the photo or video.  The APP controls:

Photos 1. Set a time delay before the first photo is taken 
             2. Set the number of photos to be taken
             3. Set the amount of time between photos

Video    1. Set a time delay before the video recording starts
              2. Set how long the video will last

The Stk N Snap App will go to the camera when the take photo button is pressed.  A start or cancel button allows easy use once the camera is situated.  A flash and front of back camera setting is available but the front camera is the default setting.  When the start button is pressed. at timer counts down to the photo.  When the photos are complete, you can view or share the photos from the gallery button.  Photos are stored on your cameral so you have access to them without using the App.